Dreamers & Executors attracts people who understand the power of strong peers around them, who want to grow together, and experience of a bit of the world.

My peers and colleagues inspire me.
Robin Chase

We started in late 2015. Since then, we've had over 80 meetups, visited a few countries, executed on a few projects, grew to over 100 people in Warsaw and Berlin, and been featured by Meetup.com HQ in NYC and Warsaw Career Days. Last year in summer, Maciej did an interview with Kasia, a journalist from Berlin.

We are a very diverse group. That's the greatest asset of ours. Members come from all around the world including Taiwan, Colombia, USA, China, Tanzania, India, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, UK, Austria.

We do various things in life. We are artists, developers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and corporate folks.
We keep our minds open.